A field, all blue. Slowly figures emerge: people, made of crumpled white paper. Once in a while the field moves under your feet, placing you closer to or away from these people. You speak to one of them.

Who decides who you are?

  1. I do.
  2. Others tell me and I trust them.
  3. Who are you?
    • I can’t trust you.
    • I don’t trust you.
    • I don’t trust anyone.
    • I don’t trust myself.

Stepping closer to them.

  • Smells like coffee.
  • Smells like washed linen.
  • Smells like soap.
  • Smells like sand.
  • Smells like charcoal.
  • Smells like dust.

Tell me about yourself.

  • Where’s your husband?
  • Did you shower lately?
  • Did you get the email I sent?
  • Where did you find that dress?
  • Who’s taking care of the kids?
  • Why didn’t you come see me sooner?

Imagining movement, imagining time.

  1. Touching a person causes them to disappear into smoke.