The best bricklayer in Silton is undoubtedly Jan Maurer. It may seem strange that a common tradesman would carry a family name when even the mayor does not carry one, but the Maurer family had been bricklayers for as long as anyone could remember. At some point in time, they had been given the name Maurer. Out of all of them, Jan Maurer was arguably the best. It is said that, in good weather, he and his company could construct a house in four months while others required at least five. And, though he is the priciest bricklayer one could hire in Silton, his buildings always stand the longest, with the strongest pillars, straightest bricks and most level steps. Jan Maurer himself took to chiseling ‘Maurer’ into the bottom front step of each house he built, and it became a thing of pride for the owner of the house to show off to his visitors whenever they complimented his magnificent dwelling places.

The inn I am residing in is built by another bricklayer called ‘Morty’. I know this because it is chiseled into the bottom front step of the building. Apparently, it was not long after Jan Maurer began marking his buildings before every other bricklayer began doing the same. In time, only the oldest buildings whose builders had died were without mark, and their numbers decreased as they fell apart and were rebuilt. It is said that City Hall only escaped being marked due to the obstinance of Mayor Hasey, who had personally relaid the front steps himself so that the building could not be claimed by any one person.