I was called to Knoll Castle on the Eighth of Peat Month, in the middle of summer. King Walther had requested a “person good with keeping record of things” as I was told. Somehow, I was recommended to him. From my home in Sandale, I was ejected from my humble job as an economic and welfare reporter. My editor told me that no one should refuse a job from the king, and promptly fired me. Thankfully, I was employed by the king immediately upon my arrival. Lumis Cosimi, the National Secretary of Welfare and Humanity, explained to me that the king had recently read his son’s history textbook and was aghast at the lack of detail it contained regarding modern history. The accomplishments and hardships of his kingdom as it stood now, under his rule, were at risk of being forgotten forever. Therefore, my new job was to keep track of occurrences within Mound Kingdom: major events, economic events, national and cross-boundary disputes, as well as town events, celebrations, mundane details of peasant life, anything I deemed important for history’s sake, from anywhere I chose to wander within his kingdom. I should be impartial and objective in in everything I write, never interfering with the citizens’ activities, doing nothing to suggest partiality, only reporting what I observed. There were a handful of us charged with this task, I was also informed, reporters from every corner of the kingdom, though our names will remain hidden from each other.

The pay is fair: 50 frits a week, paid monthly, an average pay for average reporters. Additional expenses for travel and accommodation are reviewed and reimbursed by the kingdom, with my mailed correspondence to Knoll Castle once a month to report my findings. This, then, is the first record I make as Official Record Keeper.